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(Social Media, Admin Support, Web Management, Bookkeeping)

Take the guesswork out and work with highly trained professionals ready to take on your essential business tasks!

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Daily admin and operational tasks can take small business owners away from doing what they do best, and having to find new hires is even more exhausting…

By working with us, you instantly acquire a trusted team to provide essential management tasks such as social media management, admin support, website management, light bookkeeping, and more.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and money and are ready to work with a group of highly trained professionals that you can rely on, sign up today!

"Business In A Box"

All the services you need to support your small business, in one easy package!


  • Any combo + ratio of Essential Services

  • Flexibility in supporting your needs

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Service Satisfaction Guarantee*

  • Hours roll over within a billing cycle

(Social Media, Admin Support, Web Management, Bookkeeping + Media Credits)

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The currently listed box (plan) pricing will be honored based on the date your Assessment Call is scheduled.

Basic-Needs Box

8hrs / wk


$103 savings!
$312 savings!
$624 savings!
$1,248 savings!

Foundations Box

16 hrs / wk


$206 savings!
$624 savings!
$1,248 savings!
$2,496 savings!

Growth Box

35 hrs / wk


$452 savings!
$1,365 savings!
$2,730 savings!
Annually icon
$5,460 savings!

Accelerator Box

50hrs / wk


$645 savings!
$1,950 savings!
$3,900 savings!
$7,800 savings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this service different from Fiverr/UpWork?

With services like Fiverr or Upwork, you have to comb through profiles, run candidates through trials to see if they are a fit, and repeat that cycle every time things didn't work out as planned... With Business In A Box, you are able to outsource all of that and more! We do a full assessment of your needs, find the right talent to support you, and will find you someone new if things aren't working out.

The only time required for you is 1 hour for the assessment call for you to have a brand new hire (or multiple) that is fully vetted for exactly your needs who is immediately ready to start working with you, for whatever amount of hourly commitment you want.

Can I have multiple services all in one package?

Yes, all of them! Every "box" allows for you to have any combination and ratio of services, split between Admin Support, Website Management, Social Media Management and Bookkeeping. These packages do also cover CRM support, but only for CRM Done Better.

To sweeten our services even further, we've translated our Website Building, Graphic and Video services into credits that can also be utilized as "Business In A Box" hours to make things even easier!

All 4 package options come with different amount of "hours per week" with respective changes in cost per hour of service (see details below).

How does this service work?

We work with you through a full hour Assessment Call to do a deep dive on all your needs. Together we determine the right hourly package and billing cycle that fit your needs and budget.

We then identify the right staff from our team to work with you, set you up on a private Slack channel so our team can be there to ensure a smooth experience!

Think of us like your outsourced HR... This means that if something isn't working out, no worries, we will find you someone else!

We also don't believe in long term contracts. Sign up with whatever billing cycle you feel comfortable with, and you choose each time if you wish to renew or now!

What is covered in the scope of work?

"Admin Support"


- Organising Emails

- Contacting tech support on your behalf

- Composing emails / replying to emails

NOT Included:

- Making phone calls to clients

"Social Media Management"


- Designing a social media plan (topics, frequency, styling guide)

- A select number of graphic posts (higher needs will be charged at a discounted rate for graphics)

- Copywriting for social posts

NOT Included:

- Excessive graphic needs may result in requiring additional graphics to be purchased, at a discounted rate

I need graphics & video, is that included in Social Media Management?

Yes! We've translated our graphics and video pricing into credits that can be utilized for "Business In A Box" hours! See our Media page for details.

What is the caliber & background of the team you'll be placing me with?

Our staff who who execute the Business In A Box services are all very highly skilled professionals with perfect English.

Every individual who might be placed on your team goes through an extremely rigorous vetting process to confirm high quality skillsets, friendly and solution driven personality, English and general competency, reliability, and so much more.

Only 1% of applicants quality for the privilege of working with our clients. In other words, we KNOW you will love our team and be thrilled with our services as we've already spent many hours vetting and training them before you meet them!

One example of the caliber of our team - our first "Admin Support" team member has a masters degree in Business Administration and worked direct to the CEO of a biotech company for 3 years before joining our team. While our team is "virtual" and does "assist", we stay away from the term "virtual assistants" because the quality of our team is vastly different than your typical "VA hire."

But hey, if you're still not happy, no worries! We have a satisfaction guarantee, meaning we will replace any team member that you feel is not working out for your need

What is the Service Guarantee?

Our "Service Guarantee" means that if something is not working out with the team member that we matched with you, we will find someone who is a better fit at no additional charge.

We will always at first see if there is something simple that was missed and can be fixed before taking these steps, but if that is indeed the route needed, we will take care of it for you!

Is your team bilingual?

All our Business In A Box team members are bilingual with perfect English and Spanish. We promise you will have no language barriers in either language!

What billing cycle should I choose?

Each package also comes with different billing cycle options:

> Monthly

> Quarterly

> Bi-Annually

> Annually

While the hourly cost of service remains the same for each billing cycle option, what's different is that your hours roll over within a billing cycle! This means that if your pace of needs fluctuates, no problem! All hours paid for can be serviced anytime within a billing cycle.


* If you do not use your hours within a billing cycle, they do not carry over.

* If you go over your allotted hours, you will be billed at $35/hour per hour over.

* The Assessment Call is designed to go over all your needs in depth and full clarity for both parties to ensure the right package for your needs and budget is chosen. This hour does not count towards your purchased hour count.

How do I start?

If you want to jump on a call to ask us a few questions, book a short Discovery Call!

If you are ready to move forward, book an Assessment Call.

1. A $199 non-refundable deposit will be required to book this call

2. You will have a full hour call with our management team to do a deep dive into all your needs!

3. On this call we will work with you to determine your full scope of needs, what service you need / in what quantity, and the right billing cycle for your budget.

After the Assessment Call, we will go and find the best team members to support your needs. Once we've identified your new team and put together a plan for success, we will contact you to schedule an Onboarding Call so you can meet your team!

On the Onboarding Call you will...

1. Meet your new team!

2. Get setup on a private Slack Channel to communicate with your new team. Our management team will also be on these channels and available to step in if necessary to ensure smooth delivery of services.

3. You will explain to the team in your own words what you would like from them - our Management will be on this call to help fill in any z communication gaps, but then this is essentially your outsourced team to support you and your company!

What if my hourly needs changes mid-cycle?

The Assessment Call is designed to set you up with the package and billing cycle that best fits your needs and budget.

Ideally, there would only be mild shifts of your hourly needs throughout a billing cycle, which our services are designed to handle just fine (all hours roll over within a billing cycle to be used at any time within that duration, any additional hours are billed at $35/hr).

However, if something changed and you are vastly off course for the expected trajectory of hours needed, we would schedule a recalibration call (no charge) to adjust your plan.